Reade/White Water/Sewer Project Goes to Bid

June 28, 2011

The USDA has given approval for the GVMA to bid the Reade/White water and sewerage projects. The project includes the installation of 9.5 miles of water lines, 38.5 miles of sewer lines, a sewage treatment plant, five sewage pump stations, and a water pump/chlorination station. The project will provide residents in Beaver Valley and Fiske with water and sewerage service. It will provide residents of Flinton, Fallentimber, Van Ormer, Hollentown, Glasgow, Mountaindale, and Blandburg with sewerage service. The project also includes interconnection lines to the water and sewerage systems serving residents of the Glendale Yearound. These interconnections will provide a new water source and sewage treatment for residents of the Glendale Yearound.

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