Former Municipal Building
White Township was formed from Clearfield Township on July 6, 1838, but the date of its earliest settlement was 1810. It was named after Judge Thomas White of Indiana, 2nd Common Pleas Judge of Cambria County.

It is located in the southern part of Glendale Valley and is drained by Clearfield Creek. Earliest settlers were primarily farmers, however, sometime in the mid-1800′s, the emphasis switched to timber. Visible from the fork of Slate Lick Creek and Beaver Dam Run, built by beavers many years ago, is a hill on which some historians have tabbed as a place of Indian worship and council fires.

Historic photo
The population in 1880 had been 383 and in 1950 the township had 550, dipping to 530 estimated in 1986. However, steady growth has been evident since 2000 as census figures show a population increase from 553(1990) to 813(2000).

White Township borders the large Prince Gallitzin State Park, Glendale Lake, and the expansive Glendale Yearound sylvan residential development. Tourists, boaters, fishermen, and a retirement community comprise a large portion of the township today.

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